Veteran Support Communities

IJF believes that services are best delivered closet to home ~ in the community, by the community and for the community.  Effective support referrals rely upon not just knowing what resources are available, but developing trusting and valued relationships and partnerships within and between communities


Illinois Joining Forces’ staff is small, but our mission is not. Therefore we identify, partner with, and help develop community-based collaboratives throughout the state.  With thousands of resource providers statewide, identifying key stakeholders and developing relationships with those individuals/organizations allows IJF to leverage our knowledge and connections to better serve the Servicemember, Veteran, and family (SMVF) community.  


These Community Collaboratives/VSC’s are focused on serving Veterans and their families and play a key role in providing support to transitioning servicemembers returning home and to the local Veterans who live and work in their community. Each community collaborative works to identify resources in their coverage area. When these collaboratives come together the community-based model is proven to be a comprehensive and effective way to foster the relationships necessary for an active referral system that meets the needs of the SMVF community throughout the state. 


Is your organization interested in receiving referrals and becoming part of a referral network?  Become a resource partner to ensure Service Members, Veterans, and their families are connected to you.

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