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Be An Impact Multiplier

Looking to have your support be a force multiplier for the Illinois Service Member, Veteran, and family communities? 


Contributing to IJF's mission ensures statewide collaboration between community, city, county, and state resource providers to meet the needs in a holistic way, as close to home as possible.  Supporting coordinated care enables a Service Member, Veteran, or their family members to get connected to all the services they need, minimizing the continual crisis response circle of care that results in both economic and personal costs to these communities.

Illinois Joining Forces’ core mission is to connect Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF) to the services and resources they need and where they can receive the best care and support - closest to home - through three core programs:


1.    Care Coordination Center 

2.    Veteran Support Communities Development and Collaboration

The Care Coordination Center is staffed by military Veterans and provides holistic case coordination to vetted service providers through Veteran Support Communities.


Veteran Support Communities are comprehensive networks of support with service providers across the state of Illinois, delivering the best in legal assistance, housing, mental health services, child care, job training and searching, and peer support from their military Veteran peers.


Rather than asking a Veteran to figure out a complicated system, IJF’s team ensures every Veteran receives personal service and coordination for every service provider through one expert who connects them locally.

Our Supporters

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