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Maj. Gen. Richard Neely

Major General Neely photo.png

Major General Richard R. Neely is the 40th Adjutant General of the State of Illinois and Commander of the Illinois National Guard. He assumed the duties of the Adjutant General on February 8, 2019. He serves as a member of the Governor's Cabinet as the Director of the Illinois Department of Military Affairs and is the Governor's principal advisor on military matters. As the Adjutant General, he is responsible for carrying out Illinois National Guard missions in supporting civil authorities during domestic operations and emergency relief efforts, operational readiness and supporting U.S. military operations across the world. General Neely is the senior officer in the chain-of-command for both the Illinois Air and Army National Guard. In his duties he oversees approximately 13,000 men and women in uniform (2,286 full time) and 230 civilian employees in the Illinois Department of Military Affairs.

The Illinois National Guard missions includes serving as a primary reserve of the US Army and US Air Force supporting military operations across the globe and supporting civil authorities during domestic operations and emergency relief efforts. General Neely maintains the Illinois National Guard’s relationships with a multitude of local, state and federal agencies as well as non-governmental organizations that support the Illinois National Guard’s missions and maintains a close relationship with Polish military forces through the National Guard’s State Partnership Program.

General Neely is a graduate of Illinois State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2011 he received his Master of Science in Public Administration with a certification as a Chief Information Officer from the National Defense University, District of Columbia. He received his commission in 1990.

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