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Kevin Burke


Kevin Burke is the Education, Outreach and Community Engagement Manager at IJF. Originally hailing from Chicago, Kevin is a third-generation Veteran who proudly retired from the Army after a commendable twenty-year career. Starting as an Infantry Officer, he later transferred branches to Civil Affairs, serving with distinction in various elite units, including the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd and 7th Special Forces Groups, and other tier one units. Kevin's service spanned six deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq, earning him numerous Bronze Stars.

Significantly, Kevin played a vital role in the rescue and recovery of Marcus Littrell, as portrayed in the "Lone Survivor" movie, during his time in Afghanistan. He was also actively engaged in important operations at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, contributing to the securing and maintaining of the Haditha Dam.

Following his military retirement, Kevin returned to Illinois and took on a counter-terrorism position at Argonne National Laboratory before transitioning into the realm of Veteran nonprofits. His journey in the nonprofit sector began with the Pat Tillman Foundation before finding his current role at Illinois Joining Forces.

Beyond his commitment to Veterans, Kevin is a devoted husband and father. He actively contributes to his community through involvement in Scouting and embraces his love for the outdoors in various activities.

 “Veterans and their families are my tribe, they are my family, and for them I will never stop working.”

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