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african american daughter and female soldier in military uniform wrapped with american fla

National Women Veterans Resources

Center for Women Veterans

The Center for Women Veterans’ (CWV) mission is to monitor and coordinate VA’s administration of health care, benefits, services, and programs for women Veterans. We serve as an advocate for cultural transformation and to raise awareness of the responsibility to treat women Veterans with dignity and respect to #BringWomenVeteransHome2VA.

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US Department of Labor

The mission of the DOL VETS Women Veteran Program is to make statistical analyses and other research easily accessible in order to inform policy decisions and the national narrative on women veterans. This webpage serves as a repository of both statistical analysis conducted by the Women Veteran Program and links to applicable external research.

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National Women Veterans Resource List

To access to a list of Women Veteran Organizations and link. Click Below

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Lean In Women Veterans

Lean In Networks connect groups of Circles and individuals. Join a Network to connect with the Lean In community and see the power of Circles first-hand.

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